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From a financial planning perspective, it is vital that your tax liabilities are calculated accurately every year.  Errors could lead to you either paying more tax than necessary, or not paying enough and then being stung by additional payments and penalty charges from HMRC at a later date.  In the worst case scenario, the non-submission of tax returns or the deliberate mis-statement of your tax position could lead to a significant fine or prosecution.
For a busy entrepreneur or business owner, the accurate calculation of tax liabilities is easier said than done.  Finding the time to complete the annual personal tax return is one thing; ensuring that the calculations are accurate and take advantage of any potential reliefs is another.  The same is true for corporation and capital gains tax calculations; without professional oversight there is a very real risk of error, leading to you paying more tax than is required.
At Blue Roof Accountants, we provide personal tax, corporation tax, and capital gains tax services to sole traders, partnerships, and limited companies in Bournemouth, Poole, Ringwood, and along the South Coast.   We will combine our knowledge of your business or financial position with your accounts information to not only ensure the accurate calculation of your tax liability, but also to explore potential reliefs and legitimate ways to minimise your tax bill.
Working for yourself is often tough and unrelenting; at Blue Roof, our taxation experts will ensure that your hard work is rewarded by helping you to retain as much of your profits as possible.

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